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martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Benjamin Fulford (May 8, 2012): UPDATE: The White Dragon Roars, Europe Rattles. Plus: inside report on secret financial deals

Benjamin Fulford

Posted by benjamin
May 8, 2012

The elections last weekend in Europe showed the inevitable popular backlash against government mandated austerity. The problem is that the new governments will also find their purses empty unless they start talking with the White Dragon Society. This time, they need to send official embassy representatives with valid IDs and not another batch of anonymous agents. When the new financial system starts up and the criminals are removed from the core of the Western financial system, then money will pour like rain on Europe (it already is in the non-cabal controlled part of the world).

The basic outlines of the new system are as follows: The US dollars owned by people outside of the US (and those created before 2008 in the US) will be backed by gold and a basket of commodities and other currencies. This will then become the international dollar (or perhaps international yen or yuan) and be used to facilitate world trade. The Euro will be split into a fortified Deutschemark shared by Northern countries while the Mediterranean countries will revert to their traditional currencies and devalue them until their real economies are competitive enough. This will be followed by a one off massive debt write off.

To read about the back-room maneuvers leading to the birth of the new financial system please help finance our investigations by subscribing to this newsletter or else, if you cannot afford it, ask a friend to e-mail you a copy.

The maneuvers behind the setting up the new system involve a reunion between some old shady business partners: the CIA and their Asian secret society counterparts from the golden triangle days. This time instead of dealing in heroin (although the golden triangle may soon be back in that business) they will be dealing in black gold. This will provide for the continued financing of the military industrial secret society complex until they are able to restructure their organizations so they are once again self-financed. All Freemasons, P2ers, Thule Society and other secret groupings may join the party by contacting the White Dragon Society.

The condition attached is an agreement to participate in a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the suppressed technology.
The old world order folk, for their part are once again resorting to terrorist blackmail. There are credible reports of a massive terrorist attack against the Tokyo area on or about May 22nd. This attack is linked to a cabal plan to force 40 million Japanese to evacuate to Korea and China. The cabalists were then hoping to open a new world financial nexus in a special zone being constructed near Pusan, Korea. Their plan involved using easy to manipulate Korean Christians as a buffer between the Khazarian rulers and their new Asian subjects.

The increased radiation hype and fear mongering is also being orchestrated by the old world order. This writer found a suspicious looking lady (actually my dog, who never barks, found her by walking in a circle around her barking) in the park near my house. This was on a rainy day following two weeks of heavy rain coming from the Fukushima area around the sabotaged (courtesy of J. Rockefeller) nuclear plants. She was standing near a nexus of accumulated rain water with one Geiger counter in her hand and another on the ground. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was testing for radiation. I asked her to show me the Geiger counters and they both registered only normal background radiation.

The local electronic shop sells 50 dollar Geiger counters these days and all paranoid people are buying them and becoming reassured.

However, this dangerous cabal is not going to go quietly into the night and we would like to ask the US armed forces, if they are serious about maintaining a defense treaty with Japan, to round up the known cabalists (they have the names and addresses of the committee of 300 etc.) before they carry out any more mass murder.

It is also becoming clear that Chinese agents linked to Bo Xilai approached this writer in February with an offer of money. The offer was to start a joint venture between a Chinese company based in Dalian (Bo’s power base) and Fireside Stoves, a wood-burning stove import company this writer owns 10% of. The idea was to utilize Fireside’s Japan-wide network of stove dealers and roof-top construction workers to install Dalian manufactured combination solar and wind power generators on roof-tops throughout Japan.

The Chinese offered to list this planned 50/50 joint venture on the Hong Kong stock exchange and raise an initial $100 million in capital. This venture would then have been able to directly fight against the cabal’s control of the global energy business.
The Chinese agent returned later to say that the deal was off because of Bo Xilai’s arrest.

My best guess is that Bo Xilai was linked to a Rothschild faction and that P2 lodge types were somehow involved in the incident that led to his downfall. This is because P2 honcho Mario Draghi appeared on Xinhua news shaking hands with Bo rival Li Keqiang shortly after the downfall of Bo Xilai. Needless to say there is a lot of speculation involved here but the Chinese are investigating the entire issue very thoroughly and I am sure they will find out the real truth. However, they should entertain and investigate the possibility that Bo was framed, especially given the role played by the US embassy in this incident.

It is also worth repeating here that this writer is in no way a Rothschild agent. I have no Rothschild blood in me and have never received a penny from them. On the contrary, I seek the end of their secret regime of murder, terror and bribery. I also plan to charge them along with some members of the Rockefeller family with various murders here in Japan.

What needs to be seen in the coming weeks is if the US military and agencies are really the good guys who are ready to resume their role as super heroes and protectors of the planet earth. If they are, they can be assured of generous continued financing as they restructure themselves for a period of global peace and prosperity.

There is a fellow by the name of Drake going around the various anti-cabal internet sites promising pentagon action and mass arrests in June. Neil Keenan confirms that Drake is a genuine US military person authorized to speak within limited parameters. If he is for real and the military is serious, they need to force the corporate media to start reporting the truth and they need to suspend from office all politicians who have been bribed by the cabal. That means most politicians.

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which
registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and are projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.


RE: Question from an Oath Keeper

Thank you again for your continued correspondence.  It makes sense that the Chen incident was a PR stunt, as they needed some cover for Clinton and Geithner being in China to grovel.  I have been paying careful attention to the news being given here in the U.S. by 'Drake', and he recently made a statement that corroborates what you are saying.

     I do sincerely hope that the plan to arrest these people and put an end to this is close at hand.  The recent statements made by General Nikolai Makarov in regards to the possibility of Russia using preemptive force against the U.S./NATO missile defense system, which is set to be unveiled at the NATO summit on May 20-21st, (which will follow the G8 summit at Camp David, where Putin will meet with Obama), is the most frightening talk in my lifetime.  If this is saber-rattling, then they've officially got my attention; and the attention of all within Oath Keepers.  This is not Ahmadinejad throwing around hollow banter; this is coming from the highest levels of the Russian leadership.  Putin himself put forth a decree today issuing the same type of warning.  On top of this, we've got the impending joint U.S./Russian special forces exercises on May 21-24 to "seize and hold" the Denver International Airport and the headquarters of both the CIA and the NSA.  All of this goes on while Americans are fast asleep.  

     Perhaps May 20th will come and go without so much as a whimper, but this concerns me greatly.  You say that these oligarchs have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but they are turning Chicago into a massive police city in preparation for the NATO summit, and are officially stating that they will be using Joliet Prison, an old, abandoned 'gulag', as an internment center for protesters.  All that we can do, (those of us not 'in the know' in regards to the supposed planned mass arrests), is to go off what we are seeing and hearing, and it's all very worrisome.  If what Drake is reporting is correct, then these arrests should take place sometime in the next few weeks, and the new financial system implemented.  If not, then we've got a very serious situation on our hands.  We in Oath Keepers will continue to follow every angle that we can.  The dam seems ready to break.  The question is, will the water trickle out and will we repair the dam, or will the water wash us over?  Many of us are prepped and ready to bug out to safer ground, as we all sense that something is close at hand.  But who really knows how much longer they can prop up this phony system?  I am maintaining that what is coming may not be as nefarious as some believe.  I will continue to keep a close eye on your news reports, and hopefully catch the trigger point before it happens.


To the oath-keepers and all patriots,

Remember that what is closest to you is most important. General Patton had a 2 million man army but was murdered because of people who were personally close to him. Make sure you and your most trusted colleagues and family have contingency plans for your own immediate surroundings. If there is any action you can personally take, take it. Worry about the rest of the world only after you have done that.
Thank you.


Otto Lund
Turkish Daily: CIA and Mossad behind Syria Bombings * Syria: Assad's Army kills children in Homs 2/5/2012 +

I have been trying to contact You (no need to post this as a comment unless You want to). I am hoping You will review the article I wrote which is included below. I know the many groups vying for power over this planet are likely not willing to relinquish that power to Humanity, but I am nonetheless trying to free Humanity to a world where no One has power over Others, everyOne has power over Self, there is no poverty, hunger, homelessness, oppression, class conflict, war, or most of the ills We see today.
It may sound like a tall order, but if You read the article, You will see how it is really far more simple than it at first sounds.
Please let Me know Your thoughts when You have read this.

Amaterasu Solar

About the author:
Amaterasu Solar is a multidisciplined economist, social engineer, and layman physicist, also studying emergence, fractals, chaos, and other elements of science, who has spent the bulk of Her 50+ years on this planet seeking solutions to the problems that beset Humanity. Her father was deeply involved in the study of electrogravitics, teaching Her, describing His successful experiments in gravity control and overunity (“free energy”), and painting a picture of flying cars, floating cities, and all the energy We can use as the world She would grow up in because of His work. When the technology of electrogravitics became highly classified, Her father never mentioned His work again.
The End of Entropy:
A Look at Our Entropic World and the Evidence Supporting How We Could Change This
by Amaterasu Solar

Entropy… That measure of disorder that increases as energy is dissipated into unusable forms effects many aspects of our present human condition. It is easy to grasp the principle as it pertains directly to heat. We see the energy of a fire heat our food, but we also can see a great deal of heat going out unused and unusable. This extra heat can be seen as increasing the disorder, as the molecules affected move more rapidly and more disorderedly. A more difficult aspect to see is the entropy inherent in our social structure.
In Jeremy Rifkin’s seminal work Entropy, published in 1980, he does an excellent job of demonstrating that, because energy is at the base of life, itself, entropy can ripple through society, creating disorder even as we try to clamp down and control the order of things. In fact, he paints a very grim picture of what we can expect as we consume more and more energy, explaining that fascist tendencies are most likely to crop up in the efforts to overcome entropy in our society. Today we see more and more signs of encroaching fascism.
The reason why energy and its entropy are tied in to our social structures is made clear by Rifkin in his work (p. 89):
“… Every time we add our labor to a product or perform a service we expend energy and increase the overall entropy of the environment. Every time we exchange money for a product or a service, the legal tender we use represents payment for previous energy that we expend. Money, after all, is nothing more than stored energy credits.”
If money is merely the accounting of the available energy, it becomes clear that should an energy source come along that has the properties of being effectively infinite, available from anywhere, and negentropic (from “negative entropy”), the need for money dissipates. “Infinite money” has no social application.
In fact, because of our limited available energy and the money system developed to account for it, it is clear why we have a “power” elite, as well as poverty and exploitation. Rifkin explains (p. 57):
“Energy is the basis of human culture, just as it is the basis of life. Therefore, power in every society ultimately belongs to whoever controls the exosomatic [external] instruments that are used to transform, exchange, and discard energy. Class divisions, exploitations, privilege, and poverty are all determined by how a society’s energy flow line is set up. Those who control the exosomatic instruments control the energy flow line. They determine how the work in society will be divided up and how the economic rewards will be allocated among various groups and constituencies.”
Given this, it becomes clear that if such an infinite, available, negentropic source of energy were to be introduced, power over others would give way to individual autonomous power over self but no others. This can be seen as a major shift in Consciousness on this planet.
This all sounds hypothetical, a waste of time to contemplate even, to the average individual who has been told that we are stuck with the many entropic sources of energy we presently use (which also are sources we have to pay for). “Where is this miracle source?” they might ask.
And here is where I bring up the “Dark” Energy that is now heralded all over science shows about physics and cosmology. This energy, which has been called “radiant energy” and “cosmic rays” (Tesla), “orgone” (Wilhelm Reich), “Zero Point Energy,” and many others, is pervading space. It is within you and within me, around all of us, and is present anywhere we go. Interestingly, though we are told of this energy (usually as “Dark” Energy), no mainstream media (MSM) outlet has asked the most logical question: Can we extract this energy in usable form?
In fact, back in the 1950’s, the science of electrogravitics was being discussed openly in the aerospace literature, an industry that was studying electrogravitics at all the major players: Martin, Convair, Lear, Raytheon, Sperry, and many others. The discussion vanished in the latter part of that decade; it just wasn’t discussed anymore, despite the fact that so many companies had been drawn into the electrogravitics arena. Reports were that, “They want it secret for now.” Electrogravitics could draw on this energy and create overunity – free energy, in other words. So why was this a threat?
The reasons for these occurrences – that the media never ask if we can draw on the Dark Energy, that electrogravitics became highly classified – become clear when we look at the fact that those presently in power would have to give up their power over others (having already power over themselves). From the perspective of those few, they would “lose.”
Such an energy source would represent, at least, a virtually infinite source that is available to all. Any attribution of a negentropic aspect comes from reports from a number of sources suggesting that cold, not heat, is the defining characteristic of drawing on this source. These reports and the surrounding research and data have surely been suppressed – at least to the extent of not reporting on it and never, ever asking whether we can get something usable from “Dark” Energy. It would be a naïve position at best to expect the present power elite to ignore and NOT suppress and disparage any efforts to develop this source in usable form.
And so, it would appear that we have had methods of extracting usable forms of energy from the “Dark” Energy pool, called the plenum (opposite of “vacuum,” from a root which means “empty” – the root of “plenum” means “full”) for at least 100 years (Tesla seems to have developed such methods). And we might conclude that the power elite wish to remain in their place of power over others, else they would have released the means to extract usable energy to the public. (There is strong evidence of suppression of many “free” energy devices, from hydrogen-from-water devices through magnetic devices, as well as the Plenum Energy methods.)
The question now becomes, what would happen if we had this energy available to all of us? The answer depends on how we, as a planetary society, approach the matter.
Since we’re examining society, it helps to understand that it moves and emerges in fractal expressions from a relatively small seed set of parameters. Up until now, the fractal seeds of all societies in history have included scarcity of energy (which is reflected in the scarcity of goods and money), and thus we see emerging greed, conspiracy, poverty, power elite, wage slavery and many other ills. If we look for a seed that gives an overarching structure for a society’s development in the advent of having such a source of energy available, and take advantage of what media we can to raise awareness to the tipping point of the goals and precepts we define, the society that fractalizes out of that seed will be strong, healthy, and unrestrictive – provided the seed is geared to that end.
The key things that must be addressed are:
1. A code of conduct
2. Our approach to the Earth and how we bring forth the abundance she has to give
3. How open we will be on code and programs for our machines
4. How necessary work gets done
5. How we communicate and identify the primary issues
6. What focus in life should be stressed
If we seed our society with a code of conduct, calling to the fore the three Laws – which are:
1. Do not willfully harm or kill another Being
2. Do not willfully take or damage another Being’s property
3. Do not willfully defraud another Being
this sets one parameter of the seed to ethics. (A Being (cap the “B”) is a member of a sentient, sapient species.)
If we insist that all farming be organic – in its true sense, and not some trumped up legal definition – our food will grow ever better. If we insist that mining is done with a conscious awareness for retaining beauty and structure, our impact will be small and repairable. If we insist that manufacturing be done such that it is free of pollutants, our planet will remain healthy and abundant. If we are using the Plenum Energy, the energy we use will be clean (and fracture drilling, oil pumping, coal mining, rain forest clearing and other nasty behaviors and consequences associated with petrofuels will be eliminated). If we set this parameter of the seed with the drive to be thoughtful of our planet, our planet will thrive.
If we demand open-source in all technology, we remove fears of machines “taking over.” Code can be looked at, published on the web – and better code will be worked out by those whose bliss it is to program things. A distrust of proprietary code (or any other hidden thing) should be promoted. Such a setting in this parameter of the seed will bring forth the best we can create.
By creating robots to do all the necessary work no one wants to do (or not enough people), we release ourselves to do what we enjoy – we are released from slavery, having cast it off onto our machines. This seed parameter is one only now available to humanity. Never before in our history have we had the option to create mechanical slaves for every “dirty job.” Therefore, it, along with the addition of a negentropic energy source, will provide a frame for unique emergence, a new societal framework, a new consciousness.
With a central website, in forum style, to address major issues – divided into local sections, regional sections and global sections, with “votes” at a certain level elevating the problems and solutions to the next level to be voted on by a greater number – we can collectively coordinate to solve the issues of this planet, with stigmergic governance and no government. Social responsibility will be seen as spending 15 minutes a day (or more) reviewing the issues on this site. This seed parameter will see an emergence of human unity as a race and as a planet.
Setting a focus of fulfilling one’s own bliss, exchanging the “work ethic” for a Betterment Ethic, will see very much happier people, and far better results of efforts made – a job is done far better by someone who loves to do it than by one who feels compelled against their main desire. No job will be required to live well, but any job one wants to do is open to be done. I quote again from Rifkin’s Entropy (p. 210) to illustrate the differences between the scarcity paradigm and the new abundance paradigm, as it relates to work:
“… [T]he authoritarian structure of the workplace robs the individual worker of a chance to join in a community with his fellows to make decisions and develop his talents. Unable to join with others to explore his potential and creativity, the individual is forced to retreat into a shell in which he has neither meaningful rights nor responsibilities at his work. All he is left with is a job, a place to make money, and a degrading environment to which he must submit, eight hours of every day.”
Thus we can see how a seed parameter of encouraging one to follow one’s bliss – since in this new paradigm one can – uplifts each one of us and increases the value of consciousness in society.
Having described the seed, how might it be expected to manifest? One of the first products that is likely to be seen is the “power box,” which will be sold, initially. These would be units that had a mechanism to draw on the Plenum Energy and outlets to plug in our air conditioners, stoves, heaters, refrigerators, freezers, and so forth. This would allow us to move anywhere and bring our comfort items with us. We could “go camping” and still have our amenities, and many will. Eventually these appliances will each have their own units within.
As the cost of energy is removed from the production line at every stage, things will become less and less expensive, and at some point, will be given freely.
Other observables will include:
■ Money falling into disuse
■ Motivation from the heart as opposed to profit
■ “Greed” becomes meaningless
■ Peace
■ Abundance for everyone
■ Elimination of corruption
■ Power over others supplanted by power over self
■ Elimination of GMO’s
■ Great reduction in violence
■ Creative pursuits increased greatly
■ A healed planet
■ Reduced or eliminated hoarding
■ Value placed on human-created art, textiles and products
■ Focus on cures, not patentable chemicals that sicken for profit motive
■ Human interaction with only those whose company is enjoyable (reduced social friction)
■ Robotic stewardship of the planet
■ Increased love and compassion
■ Greatly reduced stress
■ Wondrous works
■ “Live and let live” behavior
■ Most “laws” become unnecessary
■ Corporate power eliminated
■ Products made to last – no “planned obsolescence”
■ Waste reduced to virtually nil
■ Food nutrition increased for all
■ One’s reputation becomes the “coin” one uses
■ Personal responsibility for one’s own behavior
■ Spiritual growth
■ Slavery (outright or wage-slavery) abolished
■ Human dignity encouraged
■ Increase in charitable behavior
■ Self autonomy
■ Things are done because someone cares – from raising children to caring for others
From this list, it is clear that many issues we now face will be solved. Wealth will be measured in richness of character, rather than in deposits to a bank account. And we will spend our time doing what we like to do, being with the people we like and share interests with. Inventions, rather than being suppressed, will burgeon, and the “Star Trek universe” may be within our grasp, with things like transporters and replicators emerging.
Spiritual growth and communication will be encouraged as we find a greater amount of our time available to pursue the exploration of our inner dimension.
Though this is not a solution to every issue arising from human interaction – we will always have our personal disagreements – the overall health of society will skyrocket. Yes, we may still argue with others over the smaller issues in our lives, and some may choose to behave violently, but the numbers of occurrences will drop to a level we would consider statistically insignificant. Definitely a vast improvement over what we see today.
When you consider what I present here, ask yourself these questions:
Does this threaten a pet vision – passing laws, say, to solve a problem you see, or a view of striking it rich – that you have of your future? Does this scare you? Do you look for reasons that it won’t work? (All you envision as barrier issues – are scarcity paradigm views…)
Then ask yourself why working towards what I present here won’t solve the issue you want to solve, why you wouldn’t be rich in what I show to you, why it wouldn’t fulfill your idea of heaven, why you are afraid, and/or why you look for reasons it won’t work – rather than apply the proactive will to make this happen.
If we each choose to create this, since we have all it would take, consciously co-creating towards this goal, what I present would happen. It would take enough of us reaching a tipping point before it would all be downhill, and you may choose your future behavior. Speak for abundance, or reduce the chances that this will ever happen by keeping silent.
In closing, I recommend any who work for someone else and also are privy to information (such as methods of extracting usable energy from the plenum) give strong consideration to coming forth with what is known. In the end, you and all of us will be better off – and even today’s power elite will retain their life style, if not their power over us.

Further reading:
Another Letter from the Future, by Amaterasu
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette
To sign a petition for the release of electrogravitics technology:
Cheap Shoes
Carry up the superb function.
Erik Bullon
Ben , I just want to say Thank You .
Posted by: Erik Bullon | 05/11/2012 at 10:52
putin is not going to the g meeting.
Posted by: steve | 05/10/2012 at 22:09
master bedroom
Informative writing. Essays like this are so important to broaden people's horizons. Every
one loves what you guys are up too!
new era espa?a
Fasziniert von seiner guten Blog, danke.
Masato Yamada
Dear Mr. Fulford
I've sent you an email regarding requesting an interview next week.
I would like to get in touch with you and would like to discuss the possibility ASAP.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Masato Yamada
090 3814 4308
P.S. I am sorry to post this matter in your blog.
Posted by: Masato Yamada | 05/10/2012 at 09:35

> Ben,
> I have some serious concerns over statements you made from your recent
> post where you stated the following?
> system involve a reunion between some old shady business
> partners: the CIA and their Asian secret society counterparts...  Why
> in the world would we want to allow this to continue as they have been
> responsible for so much strife and destablization of country's and
> currency's around the globe for the last 50+ years?
> This will provide for the continued financing of the military
> industrial secret society complex until they are able to restructure
> their organizations so they are once again self-financed.self financed
> by what more drug and weopons sales?
> The condition attached is an agreement to participate in a massive
> campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and free the
> suppressed technology.  Would that include the suppressed weapon
> systems the pentagon would love to employ against China or Russia or
> some third world country who has fallen out of favor with the groups
> above, or some bankster who did not make his 120% profit on some sweet
> inside currency deal in exchange for some rare earth minerals, gold or
> silver?
Thanks for bringing the issue of why we need to work with the black ops people. The fact of the matter is that right now they are the only people who have stepped up to the plate and offered to take real action and not just talk. Unless the sheeple suddenly wake up, they are the only real show in town right now.
You can be sure freeing the forbidden technology will done in a responsible manner. We do not want people having back-yard nuclear weapons.
The deal being negotiated with China is to return gold that was stolen from China during WW2 in exchange for having all US debts written off. That is a better deal than the 300 years of debt slavery the banksters are offering.

Information from Brazil
 I’d like to call your attention to something, I would say “weird”
 that’s going on here in Brazil. Just recently, right after the BRICS summit in India, our President
 Dilma started a nasty offensive on Brazilian private banks, urging
 them for STRONG interest rate cuts. Brazilian state commercial bank
 Banco do Brasil slashed its rates by 50% on a single day, in an effort
 to push the private banks to do so.
> Here are the weirdness of this move:
    Brazillan government NEVER – EVER – messed with the banks,
> as long as my 39 years old can tell. On the contrary, we were known
> for bailing out banks in the 90s, years before the 2008 Wall
> Street-Bernanke bailout party.
> REASON. And – at least for Brasil – the interest rate is the tool, or
> at least the primary tool to be used.
> And it started right after the BRICS summit in India.
> What I would like to know, however, is whether or not the other BRICS
> countries are making this sort of aggressive move as well. Be it in
> the interest rate side or anything else. Any move that might sound
> “weird” from their part, could be considered a BRICS summit aftermath,
> couldn’t it?
Thanks for that information. The move to cut interest rates and increase the money supply is part of an offensive against the Western financial mafia who are printing too many dollars and trying to use those dollars to buy assets in Brazil and other countries. It is a way of fighting back by saying that if they keep trying to print too many dollars, other countries will retaliate by printing more of their own currency too.
Please note that President Putin is not going to the G8 or NATO summits in the USA but is going to the environmental summit in Brazil.
The whole world is sick of those gangsters in the G7 countries and is fighting to remove them from power.
Your president is a champion of humanity.
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