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martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Ben Fulford (February 7, 2012): UPDATE: The Takedown Of The Satanic Cabal Is Proceeding Smoothly

Posted on February 6, 2012 by Gillian
Benjamin Fulford | February 7 2012

Despite widespread pessimism on the part of many truth seekers about the situation in the G5 terrorist states, behind the scenes the satanic cabalists in control of the Western central banks are in a state of extreme fear. One reason is that US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a White Dragon Society representative last week that the Pentagon and the US agencies were in no mood to let off the cabalists with a truth and reconciliation committee. “We have been watching these guys for a long time” he said and the conclusion reached was that Federal Reserve Board needs to be dismantled and the cabalists jailed. The 65% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping) this year is one visible sign of the dismantling. This is related to a growing global boycott of the G5 terrorist states as seen in the growing number of countries refusing to use US dollars or Euros for trade. Another sign was the stoppage on February 3rd of the Federal Reserve Board owned Clearing House Interbank Payments System. Under the surface much more radical events are being planned.

Complete revamping of all the institutions set up after World War 2, including the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Court of Justice and the UN will mean the wholesale removal of agents for the Satan-worshipping Zionists who have been in control of these institutions from behind the scenes.

The hysterical efforts by the Satanists to start World War 3 via a war between Israel and Iran, and the offering up of millions of Israeli lives in a holocaust or sacrifice to Lucifer, is going to be stopped. Once again, this writer, who is of Jewish descent, wishes to warn all Jews that the symbol on the Israeli flag is the star of Lucifer and that Israeli citizens were earmarked for mass sacrifice by Nazis (National Socialist Zionism) in honor of their New World Order. The Ayatollahs in Iran are working with Benjamin Netanhayu and his fellow Nazis to trigger this artificial holocaust and fake Armageddon. This is a radical claim but one that is factual. The symbol of the Jews is the Menorah, they worship Yahweh the creator.

In any case, the Israeli government has received clear warnings from the Pentagon, the Chinese and the Russians that their fanatical attempts to artificially trigger end-times will not be allowed to proceed. None of the world’s armed forces, with the possible exception of those in Iran and Israel, are going to allow World War 3 to be set off by these religious fanatics.

Despite the ongoing war-mongering, the dismantling of the Satanist (Zionist) financial control grid is becoming impossible to hide. Another example of this was seen last week when Germany, France, Italy and Greece begged Iran not to stop selling oil to them.
The Satanist controlled corporate propaganda media made itself look ridiculous by trying to describe this as a “boycott of Iran.” Another example of the increasingly hysterical lies being put out by the Satanists and their brain-washed slaves was the attempt to pretend the latest US unemployment rate had improved from 8.5% to 8.3% when in fact the amount of unemployed people rose by 1.2 million bringing the real unemployment rate to depression levels of 23%.

The banking system failures are also multiplying. In Japan Monday SMBC Nikko Securities announced their systems had failed and they were now resorting to paper transactions. Similar events will proliferate so that only the part of the financial system backed by paper receipts and genuine physical assets will remain after the electronic fraud perpetrated by the Satanists is dismantled.

In the US, meanwhile a takedown of cabal candidate Mitt Romney is being readied. Preparations are also being made to place many of the Satanists into the FEMA camps they had prepared for US Christians and other civilians guilty of knowing truth.

In Europe as well, the Greeks have told the bankers to take their debt and put it where the sun never shines. German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned empty-handed from a begging mission in China last week. She immediately called a summit meeting between Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the only European states with AAA ratings. 

France was not invited so the best bet is that the rump of the Euro will become a four-nation super Deutschemark. The other nations will issue their own devalued currencies meaning a one-time only European bargain hunting opportunity for international investors.
In Asia, meanwhile, top secret negotiations continue. One key element is the proposed merger of North and South Korea with Japan. A dragon family representative will be flying to South Korea next week to discuss this with Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

The South Koreans will meet the Dragon family representative at the airport with a water powered car and will also later drive him around in an electric car to show how advanced the preparations to use previously suppressed technology have become.

It is also interesting to note that the head of the Nazi Odessa group, Fuhrer George Bush Sr. will also arrive in South Korea at the same time. North Korea and Northern Japan have been controlled by remnants of the Japanese imperial army allied with Odessa since the end of WW2. So, it is a pretty good guess that Bush Senior is trying to accomplish what Nazi foreign minister Henry (Heinz) Kissinger failed to in his recent visit and get Asian support for the New World Order.

In Japan, meanwhile, many right-wing groups expressed opposition to placing the capital of a planned merger between the Korean peninsula and Japan South of Osaka. There simply too much vested interest in keeping Tokyo as the capital, according to these groups.

The White Dragon Society view is that the new economic planning agency or LIFE (Long-term Investments for Everybody) be set up South of Osaka and that existing power centers in the Korean peninsula and Japan can remain as they are. The reason for choosing the area around Nara and Tenri city is simply because there is a lot of undeveloped flat land near the ocean there and because the rest of Japan feels that over-concentration of economic and political power in Tokyo is not good for development.

Once the Khazarian Satanic cabal is removed from power there will be so much money and so many investment opportunities that all areas will experience a boom.

For example, the old plan to turn the Philippines into a fully modern nation with large nature preserves is being dusted off. There will be similar development projects taking place all over the world so no area is going to feel left out or left behind.


All we know is shila dynasty, so can you tell us more about the 2 dynasties ? and how jap looking are they ? do they have jap names ? who are the bosses and their methods ?
Since ww2, hasnt japan been run by rocky ?  how do you explain japan’s brutal colonization from 1910-45 ?

How do the dynasties blend in with roth and rocky ?

The Japanese imperial family came over from Korea in the 6th century. The imperial family split into Northern Southern factions in the 19th century and that split still exists. Their bosses are a group of strong-men with varying agendas. Some are still allied with Bush and now J. Rockefeller and some are with the WDS. The top power-brokers for the Bush/Rockefeller faction include Yasuhiro Nakasone, Shintaro Ishihara, Junichiro Koizumi and Tsuneo Watanabe. 

Japan was built up as a military colony to help control China. There were two parallel agendas to the colonization from 1910-1945. The Far Eastern Greater Prosperity group wanted to modernize Asia Japanese style in order to counter European imperialism. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers wanted to use Japan to steal the treasure from Asia in order to solidify Western control over the world's gold supplies and thus financial system.
Rockefeller let Japan have domestic autonomy in exchange for foreign policy obedience. That changed in 1985 when Bush became dominant and began a policy of looting Japan in the name of "economic reform." The Inagawa crime family is still with Bush because they make a lot of money from drugs brought in by the Nazis through the US 7th fleet.
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> Hi Ben,
> I trust this finds you well?
> I have a good friend whose wife originates from Israel and has family there. She told me that her brother who apparently has connections to their military said that war with Iran is going to happen in a matter of weeks. He was adamant so much so that he is planning on leaving Israel within the next two weeks with his family.
> This is not the first time I have heard such things in recent days. It appears that the message that the satanists reign is coming to an end is not being taken seriously over there as he also stated preparations where at an advanced stage and already some activities/sorties have occurred.
> Can you comment on this, as these developments have occurred this week as I understand it?

First of all please note that President Ahmajinedad of Iran works for the Khazarian Satanists and is an integral part of their plan to start WW3. The Israeli criminal regime and their Rothschild and Vatican P2 lodge fascist paymasters are religious fanatics who think it is their divine destiny to trigger a war between Gog and Magog, kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. 

Fortunately, sane people in the Pentagon and the Russian and Chinese military establishments do not intend to go along with this criminally insane scenario. However, there is a good chance the Satanists will try to go ahead anyway in which case most Jews in Israel (who are chumps for going along with this) will be offered as a holocaust or burnt offering to Lucifer. 

What the Jews need to realize is that their top leaders are not Jewish but are members of the ancient pagan cult of Saturn (Satan), the planet now in close proximity to earth. They have been planning this for a long time so we must never under-estimate these people. The Jews need to liberate themselves from the mind-slavery they are being subjected to. The only people who want to kill the Jews are the Jews own leaders. 
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panetta is a Clinton lackey, so what have you failed to tell us ? did he break ranks ?
bush sr has alzheimers, so how can he still call the shots ?  the proof of the pudding is the pentagon hasn’t done anything but put carriers in Persian gulf, and no j have been shot
after Heinz trip, there is no need for bush or anyone to try and get a better result
your optimism is suspect so you must tell us more, as we don’t see goldman sachs going down

just because us, Russia and china military said fuck you to Israel don’t mean they are united to defend the planet….severe trust issues
any scoop on petraeus ?
Bush fades in and out between Alzheimers and lucidity. In his lucid moments he is still an extremely dangerous man. 
As for my optimism, take a look at the Baltic Dry Index which is down 65% this year. Ask why the IMF, the world's supposed lender of last resort, has no money. Ask why Greece told the EU to buzz off.
It is a war and the other side is fighting hard but we will take them down. They are mathematically doomed.
My sources tell me the Pentagon is not taking orders from these people anymore but, as you point out, we still see the scumbags like Bernanke sitting in public office. It is not over until it is over and until then we must all do what we can personally and not wait for someone else to do all the heavy lifting. 
One last note, Hillary Clinton last week told a senior Chinese official that there were too many people on the planet. The Chinese guy answered "you are right, there are one million too many people on the planet." He was referring to the Khazarian Satanists. 
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Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for your response. I totally agree with you that we should refer to the "mainstream media" as corporate propaganda media. I hope your efforts to unify North Korea, South Korea and Japan are successful.

I saw something you posted over a year ago in which you said the Dalai Lama might be replaced by a stooge. The present Dalai Lama is a stooge. I'm a Buddhist and the tradition of Buddhism I follow has been banned by the Dalai Lama. He has expelled thousands of monks from monasteries for their religious beliefs in his attempt to gain total control of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

One of his main financial contributors is George Soros. I'm glad to see that you are cutting off the funds of George Soros. Another major source of his funds is the NED which is a CIA front organization. If you have any opportunity to expose the Dalai Lama as a fraud please do. Here is a free eBook that clearly exposes him as a CIA stooge that is not practicing Buddha's teachings on love and compassion:

Thank you for your time.
Best wishes,

The Dalai Lama is a fraud who is closely associated with the Nazis and the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate. An agent of the Dalai Lama's poisoned my fiance and induced a miscarriage in her when she was visiting Nepal. This information was given me by the son of that agent. The Dalai Lama presides over terrorist murderers and all true Buddhists should denounce him. He uses the Buddhist messages of universal love and the beautiful Buddhist philosophy to camouflage his terrorist Satanic activities. 
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> Hello Ben
> I am one of your faithful followers and a member of your blog since
> inception. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful
> work you and the WDS are doing to remove this evil cartel and return the
> peoples of the world to freedom and soverignty.
> Ben, I live in Australia and we do not, as a rule, hear much about what is
> going on down under. Could you please give us a brief synopsis, in your view,
> about what is going on here. I do believe that both Julia Gillard the PM and
> Tony Abbott the leader of the opposition are both "in it up to their ears" so
> to speak. Julia is as her name has been bandied about - Ju-liar! She
> couldn't tell the truth and lie straight in bed! We are now hearing that our
> banks are broke and about to go to the wall. Can you please confirm or
> refute this. If it does happen I do believe that it could be a good thing
> and that the "good guys" are probably behind the scenes cleaning out the cabal.
> Also, I believe the weather here is totally controlled by this cabal. Where
> I live in South Australia, we have endured drought for some time now, whilst
> the eastern states are under water! Now we have this fraudulent carbon tax
> which will be foisted on us from July, which blind Freddy could tell anyone
> is just a money grab by the cartel once again.
> I understand just how pushed for time you are Ben and fully understand if you
> can't find the time to reply to this email. Just know that I am so grateful
> for all you are doing. People like you and David Wilcock are just incredible
> and a treasure for all humanity!
> Thank you so much
> Regards


There are members of the Autralian security services affiliated with the White Dragon Society. According to them Kevin Rudd was replaced by Julia Gillard on the orders of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. Rudd was going to go ahead and use the new energy technology to turn parts of the Australian deserts green and that is why he was removed. Also, Australia's crops were attacked by weather modification weapons as part of a failed attempt by the cabal to create mass starvation as a part of their population reduction agenda. 

Breaking the Australian banks would help liberate the Australian people from the grips of this criminal cabal because it is their money that has made a mockery of Australian democracy.

Benjamin Fulford
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> Dear Benjamin Fulford,
> I've been following your blog and the various interviews you've been
> doing. I'm just wondering if you can say when you would expect that
> the mainstream media will be taken from the satanists and when the
> truth will start coming out on a larger scale. For many people it is
> hard to believe that there are major changes taking place until there
> is some obvious evidence (video footage etc). If there has been a
> decision to unite North Korea, South Korean and Japan will that at
> least be announced via the media soon?
> Thank you for your time.
First of all, let me say that I do not use the term mainstream media. I call it corporate propaganda media because it is centrally controlled by fascists. As far as Korean unification is concerned, what I am reporting is from the very front lines of decision making. There will be secret meetings and discussion for weeks or possibly months before any public announcement is made through government controlled newspapers and TV.
The latest proposal being made is to unite the Korean Peninsula with Japan to create a nation of 200 million that will become a major new center for world development and finance. Japan needs Korean help to get out of its rut. However, this is still just a proposal being discussed at high levels and no final decision has been made. 
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> Sr. Fulford, he leido atentamente sus informes, los cuales nuevamente
> le agradezco muchisimo por enviarme y ayudarme para estar informada.
> En mi país Ecuador, los gobiernos han sido manipulados por la
> judeo-masoneria, que a travels de los miembros que ocupan cargos de
> dirección, logran tanto que son quienes marcan los precios de mercado
> de todos los articulos de primera necesidad y de toda mercaderia a
> traves de los supermercados que son exclusivamente de ellos y si algun
> ecuatoriano desea iniciar no le permiten. a traves de agresiones a los
> loccales, incendios provocados y lo que se pueda imaginar.
> Las salas de juevo y la zona rosa, es administrada exclusivamente por
> los judios.
> Considero que los cambios que usted nos esta compartiendo, seria bueno
> un movimiento mundial para tomar medidas y disminuir el poder que
> tienen los judios en latinoamerica y particulrmente en el Ecuador.
> porque aunque la cabeza este herida de muerte, el pulpo esta aun bien
> vivo y luchando tremendamente para mantenerse con vida.
> Permitame, manifestar lo siguiente: en el Ecuador, la realidad
> socio-eco nomica es similar a la mayoria de paises. Los ingresos esta
> en el 1% de la poblacion, el 99% tiene mucha necesidad: falta de
> empleo, ingresos insuficientes, mendicidad creciente.
> Esto me lleva a pensar que si el dinero que usted indica que se
> destinara a cada ser humano, se entrega en obras como carreteras, y
> otras mas, no se vera el beneficio mientras la gente tenga hambre.
> Nosotros habiamos insinuado que nos podrian ayudar para poder
> continuar trabajando con las madres jefas de hogar y con los niños de
> los barrios marginales e indigenas, y es porque hasta ahora, he
> impulsado talleres para enseñar como iniciar negocios familiares con
> el fruto de mi trabajo
> La Fundacion Dunamis, no recibe dinero ni del estado, ni de ninguna
> organizacion internacional, ya que no he aceptado ciertas actividades
> que contradicen el prooposito de la Fundacion, como cristiana es mi
> deber mantener el enfoque permitido por las leyes de mi pais.
> Por tanto considero que seria bueno si ustedes preguntan un poco a la
> gente que opina, puede ser a traves de una encuesta con varias
> opciones.
> Por nuestra parte, el dinero que usted dice que corresponde a cada
> persona, equivaldria para un buen tiempo poder trabajar.
> Si puede ser posible, podria a traves de documentacion que lo
> demuestre, enviar la lista de miembros que colaboran con la Fundacion,
> para que se nos entregara esos fondos en una cuenta, es una idea y un
> pedido SI ES POSIBLE, caso contrario, gracias por lo menos por leer
> este mensaje y tomarlo en cuenta.
> Gracias por su tiempo
> Elena

Yo creo que el problema de mala distribution de riquesa in Latino America tiene origen en la systema economico del empiro Romano. Todos los paises Catholicos estan controllado en secreto para las antiquas familias Romanas. Una portion de los Judeos trabajan para los Romanos. La Iglesia Catholica tiene gue purgar todos los Satanistas Romanos concentrado en el Banco Del Vatican para que la systema financiera en los paises Catholicos peuder ser Christianos. 

Nuestra fondation va trabajar con grupos Christianos y otra buena gente quando se termina la guerra financiera que todavia continua. Estamos cerca a la victoria pero la batalla para liberar los seres humanos del control Satanist no esta completo en este momento. Por esa rason, el dinero toda via no peude llegar a la gente pobre. Ohala veramos algo concreto durante este ano.

Que vayan con Dios
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> Hello Ben greetings from Poland
> First of all we appreciate what you doing Ben. You have gained
> popularity in Poland, more and more people listening to you and read
> your blog.
> Ben please answer to my questions concern Poland and economical
> situation. In your recordings or on your blog You often mention about
> Greece, Italy, Spain and five Baltic counties where the economical
> situation is serious. I just want to ask you, which countries do you
> mean when it comes to the five Baltic countries? Is there Poland too?
> What do you know about Polish crash in Smolensk in Russia where Lech
> Kaczynski the President of Poland died? Most are sure that this was an
> assassination, but we don't know who did it, Russians or Western
> countries (like with Gen Sikorski during the second world war) or it
> was an inside job. As you known there were a lot of top Polish
> politicians and generals, the central bank governorand so
> on.....People known that something is going on. I thing there will be
> evolution in the next years.
> Poles already have known that elites ripped off us and our government
> is a puppet of Europe and USA. People are seriously pissed off
> especially young. They need work but here is no work for youth! The
> Prime Minster Tusk and his cabinet have pulled Poland in billions of
> dept. They sold almost everything to the international corporations
> and the next sick idea is to sell forests. We need to get rid of this
> traitors. Sorry for my emotions but it really makes me angry, how this
> beautiful country is being destroyed.

First of all, I should apologize for mentioning the 5 Baltic states when I was referring to three countries: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Poland was in good economic shape until the government was murdered. My understanding is that the Polish leadership was killed in order to force Poland to give up the Zloty and with it financial independence, and join the Euro. The people behind this murder are most certainly the people behind the Euro, that is to say the fascist P2 Masonic Lodge and the Khazarian Lucifer worshipers (not to be confused with Jews) who own the BIS.
These criminals need to put nations into debt slavery in order to control them. That is what they are doing to Poland, forcing it into debt and using that as an excuse to seize ownership of everything in the country. As far as I am concerned, the Polish people need a new Solidarity revolution. Donald Tusk is a traitor and belongs in jail. 
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